Zuecca Projects is a non-profit Cultural Organization involved in the conception, creation and development of interdisciplinary projects in the realms of contemporary art, architecture and film.

Zuecca Projects was established in 2011 on the intuition of Alessandro Possati, its founder and director.

It is a collaborative platform which allows for artist, curators, private and public institutions, galleries and private sector companies to engage and interact to produce Cultural Projects with world-leading representatives from their respective sectors.



Since 2011, Zuecca Projects has been promoting a long list of international projects interlacing, from time to time, different art forms – visual art, architecture, dance, cinema, drama – firmly linked to the most advanced and innovative contemporary contexts.

Zuecca’s primary activity revolves around the different Venice Biennales, however international projects are developed regularly, based on specific targeted partnerships.

The projects hosted and organized by Zuecca Projects are characterized by high-quality cultural contentspartnerships with leading international cultural institutions and high-profile visitors.


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Zuecca Projects develops a challenging program of events and projects in Venice and abroad.

If you are interested in INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES and COLLABORATIONS, or if you want to SUBMIT PROJECTS, contact us at info@zueccaprojectspace.com



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